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Children's Book Writers
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Google Group

If you're an SCBWI member living in Indiana, we invite you to join our Google group. It's a way to connect through email with fellow members and to receive updates on events and other information.

Please familiarize yourself with and use that site to make any changes to your email address and subscription format.  Here are our IN-SCBWI email list guidelines to get you started:


This email list is a venue for connecting IN-SCBWI members across the state.  It’s a members’ discussion board as well as a place for our steering committee to announce news, events and other information about our chapter.


To post, simply address your email to:  We encourage you to shout out your good news—sales, signings, book releases, other accomplishments, as well as rejections, which show that we’re working at our craft!  We don't mind a little shameless self-promotion in order to boost group morale and inspire those on the journey with us.


Please write ‘OFF TOPIC’ in the subject line if your post isn’t specific to the SCBWI, its members' work, or to the craft/industry of children’s writing and illustrating. Please keep the listserv a welcoming and friendly place by using a respectful tone and language and refraining from posting political or religious opinions. 


Advertisements are not acceptable. NEW websites or blogs may be posted at any time, as well as FREE contests for children’s writers/illustrators. Beyond that, you may include a hyperlink in your signature line to a personal website, blog, or service appropriate to children’s writers/illustrators. 


When replying, you may “reply” to an individual or “reply all.”  It’s helpful to delete the post you’re replying to in order to reduce email clutter for those receiving the listserv in digest format. 


Please reach out with any questions.  Thank you and Happy Posting!


Janna Matthies, Google group moderator,