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Graphic Novel 101 Presentations

Janna Morishima

How to Turn Your Creative Mess Into Focused Work

Do you feel overwhelmed by too many ideas? Do you struggle with wrangling plot and characters and theme into a tight, coherent story? Do you have trouble deciding where to start? Do you sometimes have amazing ideas, only to lose them hours or days later?

In this talk, Janna will discuss how to turn your “messy” ideas into concrete action — and finished work!



Rivkah LaFille

Visual Writing in Graphic Novels

Have you mastered the art of prose or illustration, only to find yourself flopping around with writing or drawing a graphic novel like a fish suddenly grown two left feet, and now you’re being asked to DANCE?

VISUAL WRITING IN GRAPHIC NOVELS is an introductory course for writers learning how to write like an artist and for artists learning to draw like a writer. Because in graphic novels, these two mediums can’t exist apart and separate, but must take each other hands…and do the tango! In order to master one, you must understand and acknowledge the other. Once you have, it will help you write a better script, draw a better book, and become a better collaborator as well as all-in-one graphic novel creator!



Rachel Sonis

How To Write A Graphic Novel Proposal

Unsure of how to put together a polished graphic novel proposal? Get the know-how straight from an editor who has seen her fair share of them.



Sylvia Bi

Preparation, Illustration, and Collaboration: Co-Creating A Graphic Novel

Drawing a graphic novel can be daunting, especially when you feel like the technical details of the process are holding you back! This talk will walk graphic novel illustrators through the nitty gritty of the process, from picking file sizes and brush presets, to compiling art references, to prepping files for publishing houses. We’ll also explore the experience of collaborating on a graphic novel where the illustrator is not the writer!