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  • General Conference FAQ’s What should I wear to our conferences? Attire is casual to business casual. Room temperatures vary so please plan accordingly.  Can I record a session and share it with a friend? Audio taping, videotaping, and/or transmitting any part of this conference is prohibited. The presentations and handouts are copyrighted and may not be reprinted, blogged, tweeted, or reproduced in any way without written permission of the copyright holder. You may share your thoughts about the conference and some brief quotes, but please respect our speakers and the copyright law by not giving away detailed notes. Thank you for your professionalism. I discovered I can not attend our conference. Can I get a refund? Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for our conferences. You can find someone else to use/purchase your registration and let us know who will be coming in your place. You can also donate your registration to our scholarship fund. (We often have requests for financial assistance from someone in need that would love to attend, but can’t afford to do so.) If you paid for a manuscript critique and already submitted it, but cannot attend, we will mail you the written critique once the conference is over. Can I bring a family member or friend along to our conference? If you choose to bring along a family member or friend with you, they will not be able to participate in the meals or sessions without also registering for the conference. The entire event is for paid attendees. Who do I contact if I have conference questions or concerns? General conference questions can be directed to our Regional Advisor, Shannon Anderson ( Critique questions can be directed to our Assistant Regional Advisor, Mandie Anderson ( Illustration questions or portfolio showcase questions can be directed to our Illustration Coordinator, Sharon Vargo ( Other conference details: ·       SCBWI Indiana is not responsible for lost, late or missing items ·       Photos of faculty and attendees may appear on our website. If you have any concerns or questions please contact Shannon Anderson ( Illustrator Showcase  ·       Conference attendees can participate in the Illustrator Showcase.  ·       There is no additional charge to participate, but you must choose the  ·       Illustrator Showcase option when you register. ·       Portfolios should contain a maximum of 15 samples of your work (no originals).  ·       The maximum allowed width is 32” (measured while open). You may also display  ·       business cards and/or postcards. Tables will be set up and marked, 'Portfolio Showcase.' ·       SCBWI Indiana is not responsible for lost or stolen materials. Manuscript Critique Guidelines ·      For picture book manuscripts, you may send the entire manuscript ·      For a middle grade, nonfiction, or young adult manuscript, you may send the first 10 pages and a one page synopsis ·      You do not need to include a query or cover letter with your submission ·      Please send your submission to Mandie Anderson (, as an attachment. Put the name of the conference and “Critique Submission” in the subject line. Conference Bookstore  If you are a PAL member (Published and Listed) and want to have one of your book titles at the conference bookstore. Please send your name, book title and ISBN number, before the deadline date to Sharon Vargo - In the subject line please write the conference name – bookstore. (example - Indiana Superstars-bookstore) Volunteers Volunteers will be needed in several areas to keep the conference running smoothly. These areas include such things as being a room host, helping with book signings, transporting faculty or assisting with any additional needs that may arise as plans are finalized. If you will be registering for the conference and would like to volunteer, please contact Shannon Anderson. I’ve been asked to volunteer, how will I know what to do? First off, thank you! Depending on what you’ve been asked to do, your RA, IC, or ARA will have instructions. If you’ve been asked to help shadow a speaker or introduce someone.  Click here for a few resources to guide you.  (attach link to WWMW documents)   *All information listed is subject to change without notice.   
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  •   Marvelous Midwest Conference May 3-5, 2019    CLICK HERE FOR OFFICIAL EVENT INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION.    
  •   Marvelous Midwest Conference May 3-5, 2019    CLICK HERE FOR OFFICIAL EVENT INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION.            


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